From: Boulder, Colorado, USA
Handedness: Right
PDGA: #37817

About Eagle


Eagle McMahon was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado.   Eagle is able to claim that he is a Colorado native.  One of Eagle’s unique aspects of his childhoods is that he was homeschooled.  His Parents Pat and Stephanie wanted him to have a different upbringing that would enable Eagle to pursue his interests and unleash his potential.  Eagle’s grandparents were retired and between Eagle’s parents and grandparents, Eagle was able to be homeschooled his whole life.  This lifestyle granted Eagle a lot of freedom to explore his interests and one day he found disc golf.

When Eagle was 9 years old he unfortunately lost his mother in a fateful accident.  Eagle and his dad’s life changed on that one sad day.  During the grieving process is when Eagle and his dad found disc golf.  The two of them spent their daily free time throwing frisbees and learning the game.  Those times on the course were a bonding time with his dad and a healing outlet with the loss of his mom.  The sport in a sense saved his life and propelled him forward.  During this time, Eagle found his passion and there was no question what he was going to do: PLAY DISC GOLF!

Eagles dad’s friend Steve Fox turned them onto the game after many conversations about this silly fun game.  Once Eagle took to the game it took a little while to figure out until some stranger gave him a few tips and he saw the disc truly fly for the first time.  Eagle was hooked.  In those early years Eagle would be studying you tube tutorials, throwing everyday, and studying all the discs and how they flew and felt.  He joined leagues and showed up every Sunday for Johnny Roberts doubles.  He was the young guy who could really throw far.  He mastered the 360 and competed daily with his dad on and off the course.  Many days, hours, and years were spent trying to out putt and throw his dad.   The two would throw until their arms hurt trying to throw a whole football field.  The football field got smaller and smaller for Eagle.

It was not long before others took notice. Eagle was winning local tags matches, winning tournaments, showing some serious potential.  After winning the Colorado State Championships at 16 years old, others were encouraging him to go out and play on the National level.  His first “big” tournament was the Glass Blown Open and he came out firing.  Eagle found himself on the lead card and the rest was history.  Who is this Eagle guy? spread and it was just a matter of time that Eagle made a big splash.  A local disc golfer, Austin Montgomery was working for Discmania during this time and Eagle was signed to the Discmania promotion team just prior to all these events.

Eagle hit the road with Simon Lizotte and Eric Oakley and in a very short time was upgraded to the Sky team with Simon and Avery.  Eagle had a full time sponsor who believed in him and started touring full time. Eagle now travels internationally and throughout the United states.  During his travels he has documented all if his tournaments and off the course lifestyle in Eagle’s Vlogs.  The combination of vlogs, a unique style of play, and some big tournament wins has catapulted Eagle to the top of the game.  One of his biggest milestones was eclipsing a 1050 rating in 2019 and 1052 early in 2020.  Eagle continues to tour, play tournaments, and do clinics to give back to the game.


Eagle’s Big Tournament wins:

  • Las Vegas Challenge 2018
  • Glass Blown Open 2018
  • Beaver State State Fling 2018/2019
  • Konopiste 2018
  • Memorial Championships