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Hello and welcome everyone to my new website,! This website will be a place in the future where my fans can keep up with all my social media platforms, tour schedule, blog posts, and a store with exclusive Eagle merchandise! At the time of making this introductory blog post, everything is not fully functioning due to the coronavirus. But as life begins to resume there will be more information posted and eventually a store created on the site so stay tuned for future updates! 

To get things rolling, I want to do a giveaway via this blog post. I will be giving away a Discmania Evolution Eagle McMahon Signature Series Razor Claw to three lucky winners! All that you have to do in order to take part of this giveawy is comment your Instagram username down below and I will randomly pick three winners. The drawing date will be June 5th. Thank you for taking the time to enter the giveaway as well as taking a look at my new website! I hope all of you are doing well and statying safe. Keep On Dreamin’!



I want to give a major shoutout to the man who created the website, Bryan Peterson. He is a former Team Discmania member and overall awesome dude from Eugune, OR. Without him, this website would not exsist. Thank you very much, Bryan! 

PC: Alyssa Van Lanen

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Man your website is super clean. Congrats and good luck this year, it’s been a lot of fun watching you grow up over the last few years. – sublimed_cactus

First comment on the new site?! Good luck this season Eagle. My IG handle is @mattfofatt01

I think this is a really awesome idea and the website design is great and user friendly. Can’t wait to see how you build and grow it and get a glimpse into the lifestyle of a pro disc golfer!

Instagram: @ibrightonhood


Cool website – keep up the good work Eagle, hope to see u again soon in Finland! “Kiitos paljon!” for the giveaway! 🙂

Eagle, you took the whole disc golf world by storm and yet continue to get better! Always love a card you’re on, and it’s a special treat when Simon, Calvin or Drew are on there too because I know we’re gonna see some out of this world shots! Thanks man!


@thefirstpint Come up to Vancouver and shred!!! Just built an amazing course in Raptors Knoll!! 🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼

Eagle! Just got my Imperial Eagle 3 Swirly P-Line P2 with your signature! Can’t wait to see some more disc golf!


Jason.t.crow Dude, this is awesome! I think what you’re doing for the sport is amazing. Keep on dreamin, Right?!?!

I love this! Just bought two disc’s the other day that you signed.
Instagram: absolutewicked


Thank you for signing all those discs and being such a positive person.

Your video on how to throw forehand has boosted my game exponentially! I really appreciated how you took it step by step. My Instagram username is caio792.

Congrats on the new website, Eagle! Excited to see what you can do when this season resumes. My Instagram is @giggywatt5.

Great to see you keeping busy in these weird times. If your ever in southern Oregon lmk. Some great fun courses over here. Switched all discmania this yr loving the neo plastic. Just got that imperial eagle. Pretty nice. What do you putt with? I’m still looking for something like the nexus plastic. I won’t take up anymore of your time. Something something razor claw giveaway? Lol have a great one fam

My Instagram is @evan_demoray10 I’m one of your biggest fans you are an amazing disc golf player and an even better person.

Super excited to see all the cool stuff you do with this new website. Can’t wait to see you back out, and shredding the courses! Insta: @nealsuff

Ho2s it going bud glad you got to come to austin and zilker park before covid shut everything down @musicjunkie0377 instagram

Great idea to have your own site. Nice bio by the way. Sunlight Mountain Disc golf and Cross Creek could be a good road trip for Pat n you prior to kick off. Just saying.

Good looking page! Have fun with it. 🙂 my insta@ is @pkivekas. If I’d happen to get the disc I’d hand it to my gf as her bag is missing a good throwing putter.

Eagle! I’m glad you have this sight up and running I will be following this without a doubt!

Instagram: cajun_momo

Loving the content! And loving the website! Keep it coming brother! Your the man!!!


Eagle! I’m glad you have this sight up and running I will be following this without a doubt! To win one of these would be an amazing birthday present!

Instagram: cajun_momo

My insta is notridleyscott and I’m super excited for Eagle’s new site! Will be fun to be able to keep up with him through it 🙂

Great job on the website, I think this is an excellent choice to keep building a brand for yourself. Keep up the good work.

Instagram name for drawing: JasonM163

So excited for you to have a store/website up and running so I can better support you! I just got your signed disc in the mail and was so excited! Can’t wait to see more content and hopefully tournaments will be back up and running once everything is safe! Thanks Eagle!


Love watching you play Eagle! That’s for being such an inspiration for me. I have improved my game by watching you play!

I’ve just started disc golfing, and my girlfriend adores you btw 👍🏼. I’ve been practicing my forehand shot by watching your videos! I’d love to start adding new discs to my bag, starting with yours! @mark.richardson18 on Instagram

Dude, you and Simon and Brodie and Paul got me and my wife into disc golf. Absolutely love it. Keep being awesome. Just followed you on Insta – mine is @patoconnell


Great website Eagle, hope you rock the rest of the 2020 tournament season!

@arpelletier Love that you got your own website now, looking forward to seeing your career take off. I predict a world title in the next 4 seasons.

IG:@lukasolonen | I just lose my forehand midrange, so i looked for one razor claw and they were all sold out and i saw this giweaway. Please.

Hey Eagle! My Instagram username is @Samuellbarr, and I’m entering to win those RazorClaws. June 5th is my birthday, just sayin’!

insta: joni_hiisivirta
My Razor Claw is little bit beated up, I hope I win a new one from this

Much love man i like the new site,

if you ever need a dj I will play circa survive for you instead of,..
Rumpshaker ❤️

Hey Eagle, would love to enter into the Razor Claw giveaway! My insta is @cstruck17. Keep doing what you do man 🙂

The website looks great! Below is my Instagram name for the giveaway. Would love to get one of those discs 👍🏼


@callme_villa is my ig name , I hope I get to win one of those sweet claws 👏🏼👏🏼

Here for your giveaway.
@bassbryce is my Instagram handle.
Love your work and good luck for the upcoming albeit shorter year.

I’m new to disc golf but as a lanky 25 year old, watching your videos gives me hope that one day, I too will throw bombs.

Instagram username: distinctivetrophies

Bookmarking this website, looking forward to the content you come out with on here. I’m also not sure if the dates aren’t quite right on here, hope I didn’t miss the giveaway.

@jackthediscdude and this is super cool eagle!!! I hope you and your dad are doing well during this time. P.S, if you get to read this I’m your biggest fan and Colorado native. I’m 15 and would love to play sometime with you. If your interested please dm me via e mail or Instagram. Thanks Eagle!!!

Hey Eagle, great to see that you’ve made a new website! Lots of love and support from New Zealand, stay safe and see you out here one day soon! @ryanm_g is my insta handle 😃


EAGLE!! You’re one of my all time favorite pros out there!! I love your constant positive attitude on everything and your putts are crazy!!! Good luck once the 2020 season resumes!!

IG: Jeremia_4

I love this idea!! Love your YouTube videos and I feel like this is more personal than that.

Excited to see this razor claw when I’m able to get my hands on one. Love watching you play man. My insta is Robhughes90

Hey, Eagle! I’m @natesellsstuff on Instagram and it’d be pretty sweet to win a new Discmania Razor Claw!

Sup Eagle congrats on your website keep it up bro!

My Instagram for the giveaway is : tlizarraga22

Awesome new site Eagle. Keep up the enthusiasm on and off the course. Check out on Instagram. Would love to win and dye a white razor claw. Stay safe.

My ig name is @henryseilerr, I just got into disc golf this year and Ive been watching your vlogs. I’m still building my bag and I would love to add a razor claw to it.

Hey I can’t wait to see where this goes and I’m excited to see that the tour will be finally starting up again. I wish you luck in the future my sir. (Alecholbert)

Super excited to see this website and follow you a little more closely and hopefully learn a thing or two!

Sweet discs… normally I throw innova and disc craft … I would like to try these… what do they compare to?

@Tyler__wells (that’s two underscores…. sneaky) stoked to see what other Eagle related treasures will pop up on here, but for now, keeping my fingers crossed for a set of birdie machines- aka razor claws!

Love the talent you have for the game, trying to enter to win those razor claws! Hope i win 👍

I missed the drawing, but 5/25 my moms birthday!! I miss her everyday, as you probably can relate. Just wanted to check out your site and wish you luck when the season resumes. Let’s Go!!! Themikejlang.

Congrats on the new site Eagle! Really loving the Razor Claw, scored a hole-in-one on the second day of throwing it. Hope I get more of them!

Instagram: @jarppaboi_public

Love everything that you are doing Eagle ! Stay safe and keep hucking thise sidearms !

Instagram user-kyuen90

Hey Eagle, cool to see your new website. Can’t wait till tournaments start up again to see you play. @avery4111

Good luck at the majestic this weekend! The only ace I’ve ever gotten was on hole 11 at blue ribbon pines. My Instagram username is @kylewarnus

A Razor Claw would be a perfect Graduation present for a pandemic grad👉🥺👈


Hey Eagle! I’m excited for the website! Looking forward to you playing again!


How am I just now seeing this?! Good work dude. This is a step in the right direction!


Congrats on the new site Eagle and thanks for the reshare on your IG story!
@denverdoug would love another Tactic to toss around Colorado!

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